Following this exercise, the Minister of Health declared, by the Decision No.

1094 of 5 November 1992, the new system functioning in Târgu Mureş as the National Pilot Centre.

The unit is coordinated by a physician specialized in anaesthesiology, intensive care and emergency medicine.

In November 1992, following a training period of 3 weeks, with trainers from Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland and the United States, an exercise was performed to which were invited to participate the representatives of several Ministries and institutions.In 1993, after SMUR had functioned for about two years providing emergency assistance in pre-hospital, a great development phase started in May, with the support of the colleagues at the Emergency Service of the Royal Hospital of Edinburgh.This development was the creation of the Intensive Care Room at the Mureş County Clinical Hospital, designed to continue the treatment of critical patients brought in by SMUR or arrived through other means, until their admission to the hospital's departments.Until that date, it served as a national pilot center.Now SMURD is a complementary service, with bases covering many parts of the country, still expanding.

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